Think of a smart accounting software. That too with e-invoicing—think of Zoho anywhere in KSA. 

Businesses need a smart non-human Accountant to provide all these—managing client accounts, supplier accounts, bills receivable and payable, cash flow, accounts of direct and indirect expenses, accounts of direct and indirect income, capital accounts, and more. Financial reports are relied on by external stakeholders like bankers, suppliers and tax authorities.   

E-invoice on any scale

ZATCA-approved e-invoicing system is mandatory in KSA. The original idea behind e-invoice is to make transactions tax compliant and transparent. Your business with VAT registration might need Tax e-invoice or Simplified e-invoice with QR code. It depends on your type of business. B2B needs Tax e-invoice while a Simplified Invoice is for B2C. With Zoho Books, that looks pretty cool. Zoho is a VAT-compliant software that delivers what your business needs in regard to e-invoicing. Generate invoice, save and send—you are directed to the email page. Zoho can generate multiple invoices at one go. Zoho Books has 16 invoicing templates to choose from. While emailing the invoices, attach files if need be. Track the invoices against payments. Enjoy more payment options than other accounting softwares. Online payment through a variety of payment gateways is possible.

Real-time reports

Zoho Books provides more than 50 accounting and financial reports—receivables, payables, project summary and more. View cash flow statement to understand cash flowed in and out over a given period of time. Get reports on due dates, overdues and payments received. Reports can be custom too. Custom reports allow access into more specific and precise information to support managerial decisions.  

Effective integration

By integrating CRM into Zoho Books, optimised customer service can be offered. Details in CRM can be shared with the finance department for initiating quotation and continuing with invoice and collection of payment afterward. CRM allows better customer experience creating positive ripple effects on the bottomline. 

Finance is the lifeblood of your business. Managing finance is key for safeguarding the interest of all stakeholders. Do it right with Zoho Books.


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