The sign of more contracting underscores the burgeoning property development anywhere. Contracting firms want attainable scheduling, the best pricing and superlative services for clients. An active ERP can ease the whole process. Zoho is highly recommended for contracting.

Trading & online sales

Zoho can be suitably customized for selling goods and services online. Be it B2B or B2C, online business promises seamless growth in this hyperconnected world. Tracking orders across the highways and byways, convenience is offered.


From digital menus to cashless payment choices and more. A speedy lifestyle is about serving dishes faster too. Restaurateurs must have to rely on stock updates. At the end of the day, customers must be happy dining good food and walking away. A fair share of happiness can be from customized Zoho.

Trading companies

A product originates anywhere and can move globally today. Trade roots are wider on this flatter earth. Traders are buyers and sellers at the same time. Data needs to be collected, processed and stored for many purposes. We customize Zoho and build it into your unique trading model.

Real estate companies

A futuristic real estate company streamlines all its workflows using the best digital platform. Everything goes as scheduled and budgeted. Enjoy enhanced performance and minimized errors with Zoho installed.

Manufacturing companies

The most efficient way to streamline production processes comes from Zoho. Uninterrupted production has many contributors. On-time supply of raw material is one among them. Stock control becomes a relentless job hence. The movement supply of raw materials from one end to another brings out the desired product. The cost adds up in each process stage and estimating cost precedes pricing. Profitability largely depends on tracking and bringing costs as low as possible.

IT companies

Inside an IT company, brilliant brains are at work. Zoho can live up to set expectations by controlling the flow of information. Jobs are scheduled, monitored and done more efficiently. A highly scalable ERP developed by Zoho and exclusively customized by us is a reliable choice.

Services companies

Offer any service but switch to Zoho if taking the enterprise to higher level is the mission. Clients are the heart of any service industry. Pleasing services, they seek. Offering the same generates more revenue.

(clinics, hospitals etc.)

All in one line since the all-in-one ERP closely traces the entire procedural formalities. Details of patients are cure enhancers. The database and data flow are vital. Assets and technologies add up with space expansion. Since a large clinic is labor-intensive and has to manage assets and emerging technologies, meticulously customized Zoho can lead to fast feeding, secure storing and quick retrieving of information.