Shelves are full only if the warehouse has back-to-back supply of all products.

You need to maintain optimum stock, consider lead time and set buffer stock. However, your inventory is too large to assign it to any ordinary software. Go for Zoho.

Zoho Inventory can interface with زوهو سي آر أم. Hence, when the sales force wins a deal, the entire processes from sales order to packing goods to shipping can be streamlined.

Manage items

Keep adding items to the ever-enlarging inventory. Those items can be put under convenient groups. There are items that fall under cosmetics, stationary, grains, fruits, vegetables and many other groups. Add prices in local and foreign currency, costs, stock level, and reorder level to avoid stock-outs. Using barcode, auto-filling makes feeding details faster and far more accurate.

Items purchased, sold and added again. Zoho tracks the movement and provides useful details about top selling items, the lowest selling items, low stock items.

Smart integration

CRM initiates orders which have ripple effects on inventory. Processing multiple orders at one go, printing packing list and shipping take integration of various functional departments. The greatest advantage of Zoho is to establish a link between CRM, Inventory, Finance and Distribution to handle any size of orders anytime.

Streamline processes

Fulfilling orders, managing multiple warehouses, receipt and issue of goods, tracking shipments, receiving payment—a wide range of interdependent processes are streamlined. Smart integration further builds e-commerce into Zoho Inventory.

Custom Zoho Inventory is far more advanced than you can imagine—design Zoho Inventory to suit the details of your trading company.

It’s never too late to migrate to Zoho Inventory!


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