Your search for an accurate solution can end here! Zoho has the potential to be customized to meet all your needs.

Every building block of a project cost counts! Men, materials, and machineries make it up. Every productive labour hour of a worker adds to the cost of a project. How about the materials added to work-in-progress and finished project? Heavy equipment and machinery are used throughout.

A big project employs a group of men resulting in labour hours of multiple hundreds. Material volume rises with the high-rise project. Heavy equipment and machineries are operated incurring costs like energy, consumables, rent or depreciation.

How about managing multiple big projects? Tracking the flow of information through multiple projects?

Zoho ERP with construction-specific functions is a recommended solution to manage the information flow of labour hours, materials, and machinery hours through all projects.

Zoho ERP can produce accurate analytics. Estimate project-wise actual cost for a well-informed decision.

and a lot more….!

Decision makers need useful information. Zoho produces it. Covering every nook and corner of your operation, create an efficient information system with Zoho.

If a thing is worth doing, it is worth doing well!


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